back to school, virtually [food edition]

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Listen, none of us school age parents are especially stoked about this. Either we have to send our kids to school after the virtual first steps because we work out of home, or we were able to choose virtual schooling. It's like being stuck at the fork in the road and both sides are listed "this way to turd city" 


but hey! we're stuck with "turd city" so you know what, for our kids sake (and ours) let's make the best of this!


LET'S DO FOOD, KAY? On a budget? Just don't wanna spend all day making food and setting alarms for the class schedule...possibly for multiple children *gasp* in multiple grades? aint nobody got time for that. Do you like easy? I like easy too. (This is me assuming you like easy when you're already v busy, cause you're a super hero)


step one: set alarm for 5:am every Monday. Yeah, it sounds daunting but it's just one day! Already wake up at 5:00? set an hour earlier. (only on Mondays, I'm not here to torture or set unrealistic expectations)


step two: do ten repetitions as soon as you wake up (before coffee) 10 pushups or 10 chair lifts or 10 jumping jacks. This is going to wake your ass up!


step three: FOOD PREP--- here's your shopping list:

carrots, celery, tomatoes, bell peppers, romaine lettuce

crackers, tortilla chips, really any dipping food

tortillas & bread

apples, berries, bananas, mangoes, pineapple

hummus, ranch, cream cheese, (choose your families dips)

sharp cheddar, peanut butter, slices of your sandwich fav cheese

mac n cheese boxes, farfalle pasta

these cute AF and affordable sandwich cutters that make you look like a pinterest wizard-


that probably sounded like a lot, but guess what you're making?

5 easy weekday meals & snacks that have carbs, fats, & proteins. 

cheese quesadillas | grilled cheese sandwiches | mac n cheese | PB&J | cold pasta



MAC N CHEESE- 1. get pot of water 2. salt water 3. bring water in pot to boil 4. put noodles in water until semi soft (eatible) 5. milk, cheese packet, stir.

CHEESE QUESADILLA- 1. preheat your pan with a little butter & sprinkle of salt (or avocado oil) put tortillas & shredded cheese in pan, flip after a couple minutes

GRILLED CHEESE- 1. preheat your pan with a little butter & sprinkle of salt (or avocado oil) 2. bread & cheese (tomatoes lettuce if you like or lunch meat to make a fancy grilled cheese or just to spice things up)

PB&J- 10 slices of bread (toast if you're boushee) lay them all out flat, knife nut butter, add toppings- honey, bananas, jelly, chia seeds, whatever you like! why 10? Maybe your kid wants PBJ everyday. or you didn't have time for a grocery run. I don't know, but they refrigerate well.

COLD PASTA- 1. get pot of water 2. salt water 3. bring water in pot to boil 4. put entire bag of noodles in water until semi soft (eatible) drain and put in a bowl 5. chop your cold veggie preference- you can also add pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, olives, sundried tomatoes, italian dressing (or olive oil oregano salt pepper red wine vinegar garlic)


Listen, I know this sounds simple. but 1. that's the point I legit wouldn't think to do this 5 days a week 4 times a month every month of the school year (however long that is.. forever?) 


All of these meals will refrigerate for 5 days. heating them up is easy or honestly serve them cold! ORDER A PIZZA ONE DAY TOO! or even incorporate making a pizza one day as a craft! 



use those cute cutters you got on the quesadillas and an sandwich variation you make! Good luck, but you don't need it, because you're going to do amazing :)

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