One of our WHYS:

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I just wanted to share one of our WHYS?
Why we give back:
When I was a pre-teen me & my family were homeless for a few years, after living in lots of random peoples homes and couch surfing for most of my life leading up to this point all over Rochester, NY & Orlando, FL.
We lived in a total of 3 homeless shelters for over a year.
The first one was only for women and children, and we had to wait in line to get back in everyday. My Dad had to go to the men's shelter near-by since men weren't allowed in.
The men's shelter was barely a shelter. It was basically a large tent. It didn't have windows, and the men had to sleep on the ground. It was just a place to squat essentially.
Mind you, this was in Orlando, Florida. It's always very hot, full of bugs, and humid.
The third shelter after being on a wait-list to get in was The Orlando Rescue Mission.
This was a family shelter FINALLY! It was a true home for a year. They taught my parents how to save money, and how to deal with bills. They even gifted us a CAR! They celebrated all holidays and had a thrift shop inside when you could get a whole bunch of cute clothes for $1. They had classes kids could take like SEWING ( I took my first sewing class there!!!) They had a giant gym & video game area... This shelter CHANGED OUR LIVES. For a little while anyway..
As a way to give back to the homeless community we donate a portion of sales every month to family shelters to help with food and living supplies. We donate to the Orlando Rescue Mission, a place I remember fondly, even if at the time it didn't feel fond. (pre-teens have big emotions)
I'm very open to discussing as much as I can. Opening these emotional cavities is hard. It's uncomfortable, and I try to respect my 3 siblings when I share by not sharing too much that would upset them. I blocked a lot out from these times also, honestly, and bringing back these painful memories is difficult.
Thanks for being here with us and helping us support the homeless community through monthly donations from sales. My dream is to one day be able to help fund more places for not just women and children but FAMILIES to go to.

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  • It’s not easy to share a story like this. Thank you. My hope is that others are inspired to keep hope. Especially when it feels like there is none.

    Austin on

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