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Hi there! You may be wondering, "who's that wildly attractive family up there? Why am I looking at them?"

Well, that is my family! I'm Tabitha, the designer, maker, and "comedian" behind Dillon Joy! My husband says my jokes are weak, but I'm clearly hilarious.

Dillon Joy is a family of 4 transplants living in Dallas, Texas.

  • The tall guy is my husband, Austin. I like to joke that he owns a 10% stake of the company, but really none of this would be possible without his support.
  • The big kid that's up there throwing her hands up in the air like she's at a major rock concert? That's H. Dillon, my almost 5 year old dream babe. 
  • The tiny little joey hanging onto the mama kangaroo for dear life is, G. Joy. 

You may have gathered by now that the shop is named after the girls [middle names] and you'd be correct! My shop is 99.25% inspired by those two precious animals! [.75% passion for creating] ..hehe


 I'm a self taught sewing machine. Technically I took a class on making aprons when I was 12, but preteens don't care about stitches, ha! When my first daughter was born I owned a Dog Walking Company in Chicago, IL city limits. 

But honestly, as cute as animals are and as fun as they for sure can be- walking 9 hours a day w/ a newborn in high..ultra high.. ultra ultra ridiculous weather, well, that just wasn't feasible. So what did I do? I sold my half of the company to my business partner to become a SAHM!


If you've ever been a one income household, you know the struggles. and if you've ever been a workaholic, being a SAHM is pretty difficult to adjust to.

This is really how Dillon Joy was born. I bought a sewing machine as started making dresses and ring slings. From there my love blossomed into accessories. However, it wasn't until July 4th, 2017 until I finally had the guts to launch my own small shop.

The rest? Well that's history! Here we are! I'm so happy to be making accessories for not just babies & children- but also adults! I'm completely enamored with designing & sometimes I like to think of myself as a personal stylist, haha.


Thank you for being a part of the Dillon Joy family, it means so much to us that you love our items!