100 questions card game: love

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A toolkit for relationships and hopefully a platform for gaining insight into you and yours. 100 cards across topics ranging across topics including: Family Baggage; You as a Partner; Attachment; The Start of Relationships; Sex; Fidelity; Relationship; Hygiene; and, Rows. We've had great fun with TSOL's '100 Questions' cards, so we're pleased to see that they've expanded the range with two new additions (this and their 100 Questions: Careers toolkit). The topics include all the things you really really want to know about your significant other but might just be too shy/embarassed/awkward to ask. Much like the original 100 Questions, but perhaps even more so in this case, 100 Questions: Love is sometimes embarrassing, sometimes awkward, always interesting and always insightful. 100 question cards with presentation box. 150 x 115 x 50mm.


I wouldn't recommend for children*

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