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análú therapy doughs


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análú (ahn-a-loo) is an adult-friendly natural therapy dough allows you to step back into childhood for a moment while reaping the benefits of aroma therapy and stress reduction. Pinch it, poke it, or squeeze it; each movement releases the fragrant aroma of pure essential oils during play.


sweet orange Breathe deeply and feel revitalized with our análú sweet orange-scented therapy dough. *supports uplifting mood and energy, anti inflammation. eases anxiety and assists circulation.


peppermint Breathe in to help suppress nausea, increase energy and awareness. soothing and enlightening.


lavender Breathe deeply for stress-relief, and relaxation. eases muscle tension and provides a sense of calm peacefulness.


These make great gifts for birthdays, holidays, or just because! 

Homeschooling this year? these are the perfect addition to add to your new routine.