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Hi I’m Vern. I’m an alien from the 70s & I love reading the paper in my mid century modern home. I’m an interior designer & love the intricacies of a clock. Time is fascinating! 

Vern is an alien from the outer lands, but he wants to be people so bad. He reads the paper every Sunday in his human home, and tries to learn to tell time on his many many clocks. He’s a friendly alien from the 1970’s & lives in a quiet sleepy suburban town.

 babe buns come in sizes infant-adult & are all printed on the stretchiest and softest bamboo fabric!


item descriptions:

babe buns

babe bun is the full turban with the knot. 


hair bands

knot bow is the hairband with the bow.

groovy bun is the hairband with the knot.


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